Ban on political messages: What the Formula 1 driver said

The FIA announced the ban on political statements in Formula 1 in 2022. Hamilton, Norris, and Co. have now spoken out about the governing body’s muzzle.

Just a week ago, the FIA president announced his withdrawal from the day-to-day business of Formula 1. However, the Emirati will retain his office and motorsport in general. Such reshuffles at the top can bring many changes, place your bets at Last year, the president was, among other things, a great supporter of the introduction of a new article in the International Sporting Code, which prohibits political statements without the permission of the FIA. This went down anything but well with some drivers.

Formula One boss now defused the situation. In an interview with Sky UK, the Formula One boss explained that pilots should not be muzzled by the rule. “My position is simple – ‘We race as one’. I support discussions and the proper use of our platform,” Domenicali said. “What I don’t want is something said that attacks others. It has to be balanced. No one is going to put up barriers. Unless it’s political because we are a sport. Bringing attention to certain issues that are at the heart of the discussion? No problem.” In the wake of the 2023 Formula One presentation, isolated drivers now commented on the new rule.

Formula 1, Norris on FIA regulation: turns us into robots

Ben Sulayem already criticized the political actions of the drivers in the summer of 2022. Among other things, he reminded the drivers of the neutrality of the FIA statutes. The statements would blur the lines between sports and politics.

In the case of Lando Norris, he was met with one thing in particular: resentment. “There should be no rules on this. As drivers, we should be able to say what we believe in and what we think. We just do it for the reasons we think are right. None of us are silly enough to make things up or exploit them in a wrong way,” said Lando Norris. Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel in particular have drawn attention to issues such as equality and climate protection in the past.

“We exploit it because we have millions of fans who are influenced by us. We just say things because we know they can help others. Of course, it’s better if we do it together, as drivers, teams, and Formula 1. As drivers, we shouldn’t be told what we can and can’t say. That way we become robots and we lose your personality. We should be able to be ourselves. So freedom of expression for all drivers is the right thing to do,” says the Brit.