Selecting the Proper Vape Juice

Not long ago, vapers had a very limited selection of e-liquid to choose from when purchasing electronic cigarettes. Unless you were into DIY or modding, your options were mostly limited to cigalike cartridges and a few e-liquids, most of which were high-PG products. Today, however, there are countless options. You can select from high PG and high VG, nicotine salts and freebase, and more, not to mention the broad range of flavours you can sample. This variety is beneficial since it enables you to create a vaping experience tailored to your particular preferences.

For someone just starting, it might also make buying e-juice confusing. So let’s examine the wide vape juice varieties and how to choose the ones that are best for you.

Selecting the Right Nicotine Strength

You Must Find The Proper Nicotine Strength For You Whether You’re Using A Basic E-Cigarette Or A Complex Vape Mod. The trick here is that if you select a nicotine level that is too low, you are less likely to quit smoking because you won’t likely find vaping to be sufficiently satisfying successfully. On the other hand, if you drink juice that contains too much nicotine, you could suffer from the unpleasant effects of nicotine overload (Nausea, Increased Heart Rate, Headache, Or Dizziness). Here is a helpful generalisation:

Heavy Smokers May Want To Look For E-Liquids With More Nicotine (Up To 2% Or More) If They Smoke 15-20 Cigarettes Or More Per Day. You’ll be more likely to truly satisfy your cravings in this manner, even if you’re not.

If you smoke less or prefer lighter cigarettes, you can typically choose e-juice with a lower nicotine content (0.6% to 1.2%). Again, starting low and increasing as necessary is a good idea.

Additional Factors

After deciding on a nicotine strength to try, there are many other decisions and factors to consider to find the best Delta 9 vape juice for you. Here Is A Few Advice To Get You Started.

Strong Throat Hit E-Liquid.

The harshness at the back of the throat may be enjoyable if you are used to smoking cigarettes; many people do. Look for an e-liquid with a higher PG rating to better recreate the throat hit you might miss after quitting smoking.

For A Smoother Throat Hit, Use E-Liquid.

A few options are available if the harsh throat hit turns you off. First, pick nicotine salts, which both lessen throat pain and speed up nicotine delivery. Second, while they are more common among vapers who use more sophisticated equipment and desire larger, more substantial clouds of vapour, you might search for a higher VG juice.

E-Liquid For Cigar-Like Devices

Two options are available if you want your vape cigarette experience to more closely resemble that of smoking a traditional cigarette. Again, a higher-PG liquid will give you a stronger throat hit and be more cigarette-like. Additionally, you may search for a pod system like the EPuffer XPOD, which simulates smoking very closely by combining regular e-juice with nicotine salts.


As You Can See, Delta 9 Vape Juice Selection involves many factors. However, it becomes much simpler to select your best options after you have a basic understanding of the many factors and have identified your own needs. Enjoy Learning About The Wonderful And Diverse World Of E-Liquids!