The Most Outstanding Gaming World

Today, it’s almost impossible to imagine our life without games. Games are good, they assist us to deal with our daily problems. There are many new fantastic games around the world that are willing to conquer our lives. Anytime you return home from a hard-working day, you can always chill by playing an online casino via this link We are going to talk about new games and news from the gaming world. Play fair and have fun!


Studio Black Tower Basement and publisher Nordcurrent Labs revealed the discharge date of the pixel action game Greedventory. The game is going to be available on Steam on April 20. Because of the data launch, the developers have prepared a gameplay video


Greedventory is a brilliant pixel art RPG where the only thing standing between you and infamously quick death is your mouse. Strike, parry, and cast powerful spells on your enemies, loot ever more magnificent treasures and equipment, get lost in a beautiful cruel world, destroy a centuries-old secret society and become the hero you really don’t want to be!

The most interesting part of the sport should be an unusual combat system during which you’ll only need to attack, defend and parry attacks with the mouse, and therefore the keyboard is employed to maneuver and use spells.

Despite the fact that Greedventory was developed by a Ukrainian studio, there’ll be neither Russian nor Ukrainian localization in it. But there are English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese ones.

Outpost: Infinity Siege

A replacement trailer for the strategy shooter Outpost: Infinity Siege has been released, showing the gameplay of the title on most websites. The creators shared the video that you can check on the main website. Within the video, the character lands on the earth, collects resources, fights creatures, modifies weapons, then begins to create an outpost fortress to fight enemies. 

At the top of the video, many enemies are shown on the screen, and therefore the scenes sometimes resemble the defense of Zion from The Matrix Revolution. it’ll even be possible to take a seat in furs to fight enemies on the front lines.

Outpost: Infinity Siege may be a mixture of strategy, shooter, tower defense, and survival. Players will get to collect resources, twiddle their thumbs with crowds of enemies, build a base, and sometimes even enter the battlefield themselves to affect monsters. All this will be wiped out in cooperative mode. Outpost: Infinity Siege is going to be released in Q3 on PC.

Resident Evil Drinks

Capcom and GameFlavor have announced a set of non-alcoholic drinks in honor of the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil. Soda bottles are stylized as medical sprays from the games within the franchise. Among the flavors are going to be cucumber, lime, and mint. There will be a chest, in addition to drinks. Also, there’ll be four sorts of “grass” – these are additives for creating cocktails. Drink recipes are included. So you’ll be happy to make them at home!

The kit will cost $214. Deliveries are expected within the third quarter of 2023.