What Are The Various Types Of Bubblers & How Do They Work? 

Bubblers are a fantastic innovation that has completely changed the way people smoke. Its structure is a perfect blend of the structures of a bong and a pipe. Due to this, it is a more convenient, cost-effective, and better alternative to other smoking devices.

Bubblers available in the market come in all shapes and sizes. The most important thing for newbies is learning how to use bubbler. Now, the device provides excellent water filtration like a bong and can be carried anywhere due to its concise and compact size, like a pipe. 

This article will take you on a quick tour of the various types of bubblers available and provide a quick guide on how to use a bubbler. 

The Various Types Of Bubblers

There are typically four types of bubblers available- hammer, sherlock, sidecar, and double. These are generally made of materials like glass and silicone. Additionally, they are available in a wide range of colors. They are commonly used to smoke cannabis and get buttery smooth hits. However, now many vaporizers are equipped with a bubbler as an accessory. 

Check out the various types of bubblers available. 

Hammer Bubbler

As the name suggests, these bubblers are in the shape of a hammer and are widely known as the ideal type. The remarkable aspect of a hammer bubbler is that it offers extra room for water tanks. Thus, allowing the use of improved versions of percolators. 

Some hammer bubblers have a glycerine coil. Such a coil aids in enhanced water cooling and smoother inhaling. 

Sherlock Bubbler

Sherlock bubblers come in various fascinating yet complex designs. Due to the intricate designs, the number of percolators one can use is also restricted. However, Sherlock bubblers are the classiest type of bubblers.

Sidecar Bubbler 

Side bubblers are an excellent mix of hammer and sherlock bubblers. They offer a moderately sized water tank with a flexible mouthpiece. Unlike hammer and sherlock mouthpieces that face only in one direction, sidecar mouthpieces can face in either direction (up or down). 

Additionally, they are a better choice than Sherlock bubblers as they offer better percolation. 

Double Bubblers

Double bubblers can be understood as the fusion of two sherlock bubblers. This type offers two water tanks and two percolators. Due to this, it also provides an enhanced experience of percolation. However, such a type requires the utmost patience and maintenance to maintain its functionality and quality. 

How Are Bubblers Used? 

It is as simple as using a bong. All one needs to understand is that when one takes a hit, the smoke or vapor gets transported from the bowl to the water tank, followed by being inhaled into one’s mouth. 

Check out the various steps of using a bubbler. 

  • Cleaning The Bubbler– The foremost step is thoroughly cleaning one’s bubbler before use. Even if one is trying an unpacked bubbler, getting rid of all the dust and contaminants in the stem and mouthpiece is essential. 
  • Adding Water– After one is done with thorough cleaning and drying of the bubbler, one can start filling up the water tank with cool water. One must note that the cooler the water is, the smoother the hit will be. 
  • Crush A Moderate Amount Of Weed– Using moderately sized weed particles for bongs and bubblers is recommended. However, the powdered size of the weed is primarily decided by one’s preference. 
  • Seal The Bowl– Before adding weed to the bubbler, one must remember to seal the bowl tightly. It is an essential step of the whole process as it prevents the weed from falling into the water tank and hindering the airflow. 

After completing the steps mentioned above, one can start lighting up the bubbler and enjoy the buttery smooth hits. 


All in all, bubblers are an excellent addition to smoking equipment. If one enjoys smoking vapes, bongs, or hookahs, a bubbler is a perfect choice for them. The bubbler’s compact size and efficient functionality has undoubtedly earned the status of being the ideal form of smoking.