When to Utilise a Roman Blind?

Roman Blinds are the masters of providing sophisticated, stylish window treatments, most commonly seen decorating the windows of living rooms, dining rooms, master bedrooms, guest bedrooms, kids’ rooms, conservatories, and offices because they provide a more homely appearance compared to roller, Venetian, and vertical blinds. Roman shades offer adequate insulation and a homespun feel when used in living rooms, bedrooms, studies, etc. Roman shades can be used in nearly every room, be it a private one (bedroom) or a more formal one (living room or drawing room), thanks to their unique designs.    

In 90% of our rooms, the most practical and visually appealing window treatments are Roman shades. The clean pleats, the pure appearance, and, most importantly, the customization all make Roman blinds a great option for decorating and beautifying windows, as well as accentuating room decor. Relaxed Roman shades, or European Roman shades, utilize the natural flowing nature of the fabric to give softness to an otherwise rigid-looking flat Roman style.    

Roman shades are padded window treatments that lay flat on top of your windows when down and have a gentle fold of the cloth, or a sharp fold, when up. Roman shades are soft window coverings made of textiles that hang flat against the window when you lower them and curl into neat, crisp folds when raised. Where you want a sleeker look, or where space is at the premium, Roman blinds fabric window curtains that fold closely at the upper part of your windows when lowered may be your best option.

When raised all the way, most Roman shades create a stack of fabric on the top of the window, which in many cases negates the need for a secondary valance. Keep in mind, draped fabric stacks will always be visible, even when the shades are pulled up to the top of the window frame.

In that case, we can attach blackout curtains, which do not let any light in the fabric itself but do create a halo effect of light coming through from both sides, making this window treatment an excellent choice for anyone looking for a room-darkening option that is elegant. Roman shades are also available with a number of upgraded options for additional customization and getting the ideal window treatment for your room. In addition to choosing a folding style and a fabric that fits the personality of your home, you have several other customization options to choose from, so your Roman shades fit your indoor design style as well as your practical needs.